Internal World of the Body

A cloth was stretched tightly between the walls of the studio. This cloth was made of stretchable material, the kind use for swim suits or leotards. Facing the wall, I felt the tension contained in the cloth and felt a strong desire to release it. I cut the cloth with a cutter knife and the cloth gradually loosened. I suddenly felt secure and relaxed. Cutting the cloth seemed like trying to let go of my overwrought mind which reminded me of my living circumstances at the time. I was living in a culture that was different from the one that I have been brought up in, and was struggling to discover who I was. Being in a foreign culture often makes us think of such things. Eventually, I ended up covering the whole room with the cut cloth and being in the room felt surprisingly comfortable.

I suddenly realized that the cloth was a metaphor for my mind and unconsciously I wanted to release myself from the place where I was stuck. I suppose that, in this way, the art work "Internal World of the Body" was created by mental conflict.